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As a result of a successful trip to Las Vegas earlier in the year, The Gold Leaf Music Libray has secured sub-publishing in a further 22 counties.

Deals with Apollo Music (Scandinavia), Fuji Pacifi (Japan), MusicCube (S.Korea) and Musiique & Music (France) have all been signed and Gold Leaf's music is now available to download via their networks.



Composer Garry Judd has recently written music for the forthcoming IPC World Championships in Doha.

Garry's music features throughout the Channel Four coverage in conjunction with the LEXI graphics system that is used to describe each event.





 JWLogoHIGHRESDarkGold Leaf has UK & Eire Sub-Publisher

We are proud to announce that Gold Leaf have signed a Sub-Publishinbg agreement with JW Media for representation in the UK & Eire.

The Catalogue can now be accessed and downloaded from MyDrive which is their on-line download platform






Composer GARRY JUDD has been commissioned to re-record and freshen-up the theme to ITV's WALES THIS WEEK.

This has been broadcast from the end of March this year.

AIRLINE USA (one of Garry's other themes) is currently being repeated on SKY One ...  all 76 episodes !)






Composer GARRY JUDD has just landed the commission to write music for the latest BARCLAYS AD campaign.

Transmission of 'BARCLAYS MORTGAGE' starts on ITV1, Monday 20th January during the Advert break of the 10 O'clock News. The Campaign is scheduled for 2 weeks.
The campaign is produced/directed by Jamie Langton.





Composer GARRY JUDD has just landed the commission to write music for the latest BARCLAYS AD campaign.

Transmission of 'BARCLAYS LIFE SKILL' started on ITV1 on 16th June and will carry on all week in between the 10 O'clock news. 
The campaign follows two kids everyday as they go through their first week of work experience. The campaign is being produced by Jamie Langton, Director of photography Rob Bennet and editing by Andrew Frampton.





The GOLD LEAF MUSIC LIBRARY is a new division on Aaron Judd Associates.

It is a new UK, MCPS registered library offering high class music for top quality media productions.

GOLD LEAF has been working with some of the best UK composers and musicians to produce an on-going catalogue of music. Breakdowns, stems and bespoke services are also available.

GOLD LEAF uses SoundCloud for easy listening and sharing along with Dropbox, WeTransfer and Yousendit for downloading. All of our current library is available on a USB stick and is available upon request. Please go to website here www.thegoldleafmusiclibrary.com


















MAY 2012


Composer GARRY JUDD has written music for the film THE LIMELIGHT starring RICKY GROVER

The film had it's first showing at the recent LONDON FILM FESTIVAL with some great reviews. 

Click HERE for more details.


airlineGARRY' s Music also appears on AIRLINE USA that is currently being shown on SKY ONE along with HIGHLAND EMERGENCY on CHANNEL FIVE




LOversLoungeCHILLVILLE MUSIC has licensed 7 ESSENCE tracks to the German label TOOLBOXX for the compilation album LOVERS LOUNGE ... more details to follow.




waterboatmanThe TV series 'THE WATERBOATMAN' that features music by GARRY JUDD, has been sold to The HISTORY CHANNEL in Australia and New Zealand.  

This programme follows Presenter Alan Herd as he visits boatyards, heritage sites and canal artists along this varied stretch of British inland waterway.









ENDEAVOUR is a collaboration between composers GARRY JUDD and MATT NORMAN.


CHILLVILLE RECORDS have now given them the opportunity to pair-up and produce a collection of powerful instrumental tracks designed to uplift and inspire.


All tracks lend themselves to synchronization, and backgound music usage, especially with the forthcoming summer sports events and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


The album has been released on iTunes and CD's are available from February 27th from www.chillvillemusic.com







The new series of HIGHLAND EMERGENCY (with music by GARRY JUDD) is now being broadcast on Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Five and Five HD with a repeat on Saturdays at 11am.

Other current programmes that feature GARRY JUDD's music are:-

NEW HOME DIY which is on all day on Saturday 8th October on Discovery SHED and into the early hours of the next day.

The same goes for THE WATER BOATMAN  which is on 9th October on Discovery Shed too.
Also, AIRLINE USA is now playing on weekday evenings at 8pm and 8.30pm (ET) on Lifetime (LRM)   in the US.


highland-emergencybIt has been a busy few months for composer GARRY JUDD.  He has just supplied music for the 3rd series of Channel Five's HIGHLAND EMERGENCY. This is scheduled for broadcast later-on in the year.  Click HERE for more details.

Garry has also been writing music for two short films. The first of these short films being JACK & DOREEN'S STORY (JackDor Films) and the second is BANQUET ROYALE by VenturaFilms.  Both will be ready to air at film festivals soon.

There has also been a lot of action with Garry's back programme catalogue with the following programmes recently being shown here in the UK and other European territories:-

  • Knut And Friends...on Eden.
  • Engineering Ancient Egypt... on More4
  • The Water Boatman... Discovery Shed.
  • Central Steam... Discovery Shed.
  • Mission Implausible... (and +1) PICK TV.

AJA Music publishing has also has a busy time acquiring the admin publishing rights for the band MORNING AFTER GIRLS as well as admin for a Luther Vandros track and the CHAS & DAVE track LONG TIME NO SEE.




garryjuddGARRY JUDD is a prolific writer of music for media.  His work ranges from 30 second television adverts to full length cinematic feature films.   His most notable TV credits to date include TRINNY & SUSANNAH (ITV1), AIRLINE USA (ITV1) and THE HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH (BBC1).

We spent a morning with Garry to get to know more about him, how he maintains a busy schedule and how he continues to have a competitive edge in these demanding times for freelancers in the media industry.


HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE BUSINESS? itvI started off pitching ideas to advertising agencies and quite quickly landed the job to write for a DFDS SEAWAYS advert.  This led to MILKY WAY and then NIVEA VISAGE adverts.  As my CV grew, I started to pitch ideas to regional television companies and got my break writing for BIRDWATCHING WITH CHRIS PACKHAM in the ITV Meridian region.  This then led to networked programmes for all the major broadcasters.  I have also written music for the BBCs first online drama (SIGNS OF LIFE) and numerous wildlife films that have been distributed worldwide.


studio2HOW DO YOU PRODUCE YOUR MUSIC? I have my own studio which is capable of producing anything up to 5.1 surround sound to HD picture.  I play various instruments and have a live room to record them in.  I have a Warwick bass guitar collection and various percussion & wind instruments which even includes a didgeridoo.




I was classically trained and had very good teachers in harmony and counterpoint, so I am able to use this as a solid musical foundation to produce music quickly that will fulfil the expectations of the client.

You also have to be adaptable and have the ability to follow a brief in pressure situations as sometimes there is only a matter of hours to write, produce and deliver a finished piece of music.

It is therefore important to work closely with the client throughout the creative process.  Keeping one step ahead of technology is also imperative as it allows you to create and deliver the music quickly to a high standard at a competitive price.



Well, it is important to keep up with the latest software for music making.  For example, if a client sends through a video clip of a film on quicktime that requires music to picture, I can load it into my computer software, write and record the music, and send the picture back to the client with the music added in a matter of hours.  The client can then download it and get a very quick impression of how the music will work to picture.



HOW DO YOU DELIVER THE FINISHED WORK? I usually send finished masters via FTP so the client can download it directly to their desktop or the dubbing suite.



Signs Of Life for the BBC was a very interesting project because it contained stretches of high end drama which needed music to picture, connected with game sections.

These needed holding music on a loop with introductions and resolves (which also needed to tie in with the beginning and end of the surrounding drama sequences. The holding music then had layers of other musical and sound effects and voiceovers which were triggered by the game interaction. This meant that I had to think very carefully about the key of each piece and how it related to the key of the drama or game music before and after it...Very complicated, but great fun to see it all come together.

It ran on Flash and really stretched the technology at the time, but just a couple of years later it runs smoothly and fluidly. You can find it at www.bbc.co.uk/signsoflife .


WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON?Ive just finished work on re-vamping the music on ITV1s WALES THIS WEEK theme and am currently pitching music for a British feature film.

For all enquiries about Garry, please contact Aaron via email aaron@aaronjudd.co.uk or go to www.aaronjudd.co.uk




Composer GARRY JUDD has writtten the theme and incidental music for the new DISCOVERY REAL TIME cookery programme MY CYPRIOT KITCHEN.  Time and schedules can be found HERE





centralsteamComposer GARRY JUDD has recently written theme and incidental music for three new TV series.  WATERBOATMAN and CENTRAL STEAM are both for DISCOVERY SHED and MORAY EEL - ALIEN EMPIRE is for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Look out for more details in the national TV schedules.

MARCH 2010

highland-emergencybThe Second series of HIGHLAND EMERGENCY (with music by GARRY JUDD) is currently being broadcast on FIVE. This time, it is a series of one hour show's instead of half hour shows.

Garry has also written music for the following programmes that are currently being broadcast MISSION AFRICA (BBC1), AIRLINE USA (ITV2) and MY GREEK KITCHEN (Discovery Travel & Adventure).


  • KATIE has written for Dance artists such as Lange, Judge Jules and Robbie Rivera and has a number of songs placed already this year and is well place for a great 2010........Look out for the Song 'ARE YOU LISTENING'.
  • AJA Music Publishing is also Administering music for TV adverts for HYUNDAI & SEAT as well as the track CRAZY KINDA COOL for the film MORRIS MEN and music for the C4 programme MODERN TOSS.




JULY 2009


The RAH Band feature on BEACH HOUSE Hed Kandi release


BEACH HOUSE 2009 has been released in the UK reaching No.10 in the compilation charts and No.6 in The Dance charts.  The Track NO WAY by The RAH band features on this album and is currently being played in the clubs and on radio.  It is being released in the US at the end of July The RAH band also feature on 5 other compilation albums mainly released in mainland Europe.



giantoctopusMATT NORMAN is currently working on the the National Geographic commission GIANT OCTOPUS. It is due for broadcast in 2010





solos2SOLOS2 has been released by The ARTFUL MUSIC LIBRARY.  AJA was appointed executive producer on this project.  It contains some top names on this album including John Etheridge, Adam Wakeman and Simon Lea.




AJA are pleased to announce that they now represent tracks written and performed by KATIE MARNE.  These include Dance anthems DRIFTING AWAY, ESCAPE, NO ORDINARY DAY and I DONT WANNA STAY.  MORE NEWS NEXT MONTH.


RobbieGARRY JUDD is currently having a string of his past programmes being repeated on UK television.  Namely ROBBIE COLTRANES: B ROAD BRITAIN(ITV1),  HIGLAND EMERGENCY (FIVE), AIRLINE USA (ITV2), DATING THE ENEMY (ITV1) , NEW HOMES DIY (Discovery Home & Leisure) and MY GREEK KITCHEN (Discovery Travel & Adventure).



MARCH 2009



hottestThe Hottest Place on Earth is a BBC1 documentary being shown on Thursday March 19th and 26th at 9pm.    The music was composed by GARRY JUDD in 5.1 Surround Sound.

The Hottest Place on Earth is a major two x one-hour BBC / Discovery co-production produced by Lion TV. Presented by Kate Humble with vet Steve Leonard, and geologist Dougal Jerram, the programme investigates how people, animal and plant life manage to live in such a hostile environment."

GARRY JUDD's music can also be heard this month on Highland Emergency, Airline USA, New Homes DIY and the new series of Dating The Enemy.


whitetailedeagleMATT NORMAN has also been busy recently writing music for the National Geographic documentary WHITE TAILED EAGLE as well as finishing off work for NORTH SEA.  Both documentarys have been recorded in HD and 5.1 surround sound.





January 2009


Happy Hew Year to Everyone!


airline2009 has started briskly with the news that Airline USA is currently being shown in 5 countries including A&E Biography channel in the USA





egypt2Also, the documentary ENGINEERING EYGPT has been shown on MORE 4 on their Middle Eastern series.





highland-emergencybFIVE have re-commissioned HIGHLAND EMERGENCY for a second series.  This time, it will be a series of 6x1 hour programmes with music by GARRY JUDD.






October / November 2008



Composer GARRY JUDD has been commissioned to write music for the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC documentary JAPANESE BOW-BUILT TO KILL.

GARRY also has AIRLINE USA, HIGHLAND EMERGENCY and MY GREEK KITCHEN being broadcast at the moment.  Click here for more information


funkAJA has executive produced the new CD from The Artful Recorded Music Library.  It is entitled THE FUNK COLLECTIVE is being distributed to 60 countries




  • AJA has increasingly been asked to supply composers for 5.1 surround sound projects.  As this is an art form that not all composers can do, here is a  30 second profile of the composers that AJA represent that can produce sound in 5.1 surround sound HD productions:-


    garryjuddSince Garry Judd graduated from Leeds University with a B.A. (Hons.) in music composition, he has enjoyed success writing music for many television, film and advertising productions.

Over the past few years, Garry has written theme and incidental music for over 100 TV programmes.  Recent productions include FREEMASONS ON TRIAL, HIGHLAND EMERGENCY and THE LOST TRIBES OF PALAU.


  • MATT NORMANmattnorman

Matt graduated from Southampton University with a BA honours in Music.
Over recent years he has quickly made a name for himself as a talented

Recent credits include re-arranging the theme for THIS IS YOUR LIFE which
has made a come-back on ITV1 and two documentaries for Nat Geo in HD using
5.1 Surround Sound.



Philip Guyler 3

Philip Guyler is a media music composer.
Working primarily in Film & Television, Philip works from a full digital studio,
regularly utilising arrangers, live players and orchestras.

His client list includes: BBC and BBC Worldwide, ITV, Carlton/Granada, Channel 4, Channel 5, BSKYB, IWC Media, Wild Rover Productions, Mentorn, Carlton/Granada, Discovery, Hanrahan Media & UK TV. and has written themes for DAILY COOKs CHALLENGE (ITV1) and HELICOPTER HEROES (BBC1)





Composer GARRY JUDD is currently working on the documentary KNUT & THE POLAR BEAR which is about a Polar Bear being kept in Berlin Zoo.  This Doc will be ready for MIPCOM.





MATT NORMAN meanwhile, is working on the documentary NORTH SEA ADVENTURES for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.  This documents the lives and times of people who work in the North Sea.






Composers GARRY JUDD, MATT NORMAN and PHIL GUYLER all have TV programmes that they wrote theme and incidental music for currently showing on UK TV.

  • GARRY JUDD has TRINNY & SUSANNAH UNDRESS THE NATION, ROBBIE COLTRANE: B-ROAD BRITAIN and AIRLINE USA all showing on the ITV Network.   While starting on FIVE on Monday August 5th, 7.30pm,  HIGHLAND EMERGENCY starts its 30 episode run.



























  • PHILIP GUYLER also has a couple of high profile programmes showing on ITV and BBC.  DAILY COOKS CHALLENGE  with Anthony Worrell Thompson is in the middle of a 45 part run on ITV1 while HELICOPTER HEROES is showing on BBC1











MAY / JUNE 2008


bstWith summer being cancelled for the time being, what a great time for SUNDAE CLUB to release their aptly titled album BRITISH SUMMERTIME.  It is a fantastic collection of vocal and instrumental tracks which is a great follow-on from their first album TECHNOSTALGIA.  Please click here to listen to three tracks.  I think you will agree that they would be great for Adverts and film syncs. CIRCLESHONEYBEEGOODPEOPLE


mygreekkitchenIt is also building up to be a busy time on TV for AJA composers.  GARRY JUDD has programmes, AIRLINE USA being constantly repeated on ITV2 along with MY GREEK KITCHEN on Discovery Travel & Adventure. A new series of TRINNY & SUSANNAH UNDRESS (ITV1) is starting soon and over on BBC1, HELL ON EARTH is scheduled for later in the year.  Meanwhile, MATT NORMAN has wildlife documentaries BREAKING THE HUMPBACK CODE, THE BANDITS OF SELOUS and 21st CENTURY SHARK  being shown on The National Geographic Channel  throughout the world.




APRIL 2008


Spring is here at last! 


RescueThe warm weather has brought-in some interesting commissions and licenses for AJA.  Garry Judd has been commissioned to write music for HIGHLAND RESCUE.  This is a 30x30min Granada Factual series for FIVE which documents the activities of the mountain rescue, police and ambulance services of the Scottish Highlands.  This is due for broadcast in the Autumn of 2008.


sharkMeanwhile, Matt Norman has been commissioned to write music for 21st CENTURY SHARK, a wildlife documentary for Animal Planet.  This film is to be recorded in HD with Matt using his 5.1 surround sound skills to produce a powerful score.


March 2008


  • The first quarter of 2008 has been a busy time for AJA.  As well as completing commissons for BBC1, ITV1 and National Geographic, we have started to represent composers Hargreaves & Lea and also the music of the SUNDAE CLUB in the area of Track Synchronisation. 


  • Here are a few 'Hidden Gem'  tracks that are available for synchronisation that we represent:-



sundae clubBEECHLEAVES  By THE SUNDAE CLUB -  This is the happiest track I have ever heard! ... please take a  listen and I can guarantee that you will be smiling within 10 seconds! ...  go on, give it a whirl.

CONSTANT RAINCHECK  by The SUNDAE CLUB ... again, a happy happy track ..... this track needs an advert!




  • GARRY JUDD has written the music for the new series of TRINNY & SUSANNAH UNDRESS THE NATION.  This is due for broadcast in June on ITV1.
  • PHILIP GUYLER has recently written music for  4468, a BBC R4 Drama and Helicopter Heroes for BBC1


  • THE ARTFUL RECORDED MUSIC LIBRARY will be releasing SOLOS, their new instrumental CD that will be distributed to 60 countries.  AJA executive produced the album with tracks from some of the best instumentalists in the country.


February 2008


2008 has certainly got off to a flyer!


fissureGARRY JUDD has now completed work on the HELL ON EARTH project for BBC1. The series is due for broadcast soon and is the account of a group of people attempting to survive in the hottest place on earth.  tileimagelong-4

GARRY is now about to start work on a JACK & DOREEN'S STORY.  This is a documentary about a couple who decided to move from Australia to Birmingham.  Instead of flying or going by boat, they decide to drive!


800px-Humpback_Whale_underwater_shotMeanwhile, MATT NORMAN is on the Final  5.1 Surround sound final stage mix of BREAKING THE HUMPBACK CODE for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. This is due for broadcast later-on in the year.




AJA have executive produced 2 CD's for THE ARTFUL PRODUCTION MUSIC LIBRARY.  The first is entitled SOLOS which is a collection of solo tracks by some of the best instrumentalists in the country. The second is FUNKNATION, which is collection of cool grooves ideal for lifestyle programmes. They are both due for release in March/April.



January 2008


Happy New Year to one and all!


  • fissure2008 has started well for all concerned. 
  • GARRY JUDD is busy working a primetime BBC1 series called HELL ON EARTH which is a survival documentary based in Ethiopia.  It is due for broadcast in the first quarter of this year.


  • 800px-Humpback_Whale_underwater_shotMATT NORMAN has just started work on a documentary for the National Geographic Channel.  It is called BREAKING THE HUMPBACK CODE and is about the way the rare Humpback Whale communicates.  It is due for broadcast later this year.



December 2007

It has been a busy 2007 so far for Aaron Judd Associates and the composers and Labels it represents.

  • GARRY JUDD has written music for the BBC Online Drama SIGNS OF LIFE trinnyas well as ITV1's TRINNY & SUSANNAH UNDRESS and ROBBIE COLTRANE: B-ROAD BRITAIN. He has also completed music for National Geographic's FREEMASONS ON TRIAL and OCTOPUS VOLCANO.  He is currently working on a  major BBC1 documentary project called 'HELL ON EARTH'


  • This is your lifeMatt Norman was commissioned to re-arrange the theme to ITV's THIS IS YOUR LIFE and has written music for National Geographics BANDITS OF THE SELOUS.  He is currently working on library tracks for various projects.




  • AJA has been appointed by The Artful Recorded Music Library to executive produce two forthcoming Library CDs. The first one named SOLOS and the second FUNKNATION. Both will be released early 2008.
  • AJA are also proud to announce deals with record labels SUNDAY BEST, BLACKBIRD, EVASIVE and CHILLVILLE RECORDS to represent their catalogue in the field of licence synchronization.  See the 'Record Label' section for the full  story. 


  • Current TV projects 'on-the-boil' include:-

 - THE LOST TRIBES OF PALAU for National Geographic.

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